give some thought to

give some thought to something

to think about something; to devote some time to thinking about something. After I have had time to give some thought to the matter, I will call you.
See also: give, thought
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In addition give some thought to what is the urgency.
She is keen to see the gallery give some thought to developing the building's various subterranean spaces over the next decade.
Give some thought to what you want the device to do and consider whether the trade-offs make sense.
Burrell and director James McNeil might give some thought to structure and shaping.
As such, we should give some thought to the future, knowing that the future is being made today and that the outcomes of the recent federal elections in the U.
Perhaps the council could also give some thought to the weather situation.
Perhaps someone in highways should give some thought to making Bankfield Road safer for the residents - perhaps some humps - to prevent such arrogant drivers speeding along their road.
On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt if CPAs give some thought to whether a combination would make sense for them.
Since you are choosing a photo for each month, give some thought to the 13 images (one for each month and the cover) you select before creating your calendar and make sure the images have the best quality.
If you're sitting down with your checkbook over the holidays to give some thought to where your contributions can do the most good -- consider United Way.
What this does indicate to me is the usefulness of some type of pharmacy reminder system, so that the physician can be alerted when the patient is on an incontinence-inducing drug and can give some thought to a possible alternative.
You'll have to give some thought to what you're doing through those four holes,'' Kanny said.
Change your oil -- Give some thought to the kind of motor oil you have in your engine.
Michelle Garcia from Newhall wants to remind everyone April is Organ Donor Awareness Month, so it's a good time to give some thought to organ donation.