give notice

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give (one's) notice

to formally tell one's employer that one is quitting one's job. Did you hear that James is leaving? He gave his notice yesterday. Lisa gave notice today. She got a job offer from another company.
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give notice (to somebody)

also give somebody notice
1. to warn your employer that you will stop working Jones gave notice in October that he planned to leave at the end of the school year.
2. to tell an employee that they will no longer be employed The company didn't give its employees notice, they just sent everyone home and closed the plant.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of give notice (to give written or printed information)
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give notice

1. Inform or warn someone of something, as in He's prompt about giving us notice of any discrepancy in the accounts. [Late 1500s]
2. Tell one's employer one is quitting, as in Our housekeeper gave notice last week. This usage, first recorded in 1765, originally alluded to any kind of termination, such as a housing lease, but today is most often used for leaving employment.
See also: give, notice
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Richard Quinn had kicked for home six furlongs out on Persian Punch, but though he had Double Honour beaten back in third, he could do nothing about the challenge from Give Notice.
A stone behind Persian Punch, who was conceding 5lb, on official figures, Give Notice pressed his own claims for the Ascot Gold Cup when coming wide of the front-running stayer to clinch the Group 3 prize by three and a half lengths.
In any event, if the Service is responsbile for the failure to give notice, the partner who was not given proper notice must choose his option within 45 days.
Pushed to the front by Mick Kinane three out, he kept up the tempo all the way to the line to beat Give Notice by a length and a half.
Give Notice has a fine chance of cementing his position at the top of the table with victory in the Goose Green Handicap.
Give Notice has also taken his race well, but connections are not yet ready to fully commit themselves to the rematch.
A CUDDLE from Johnny Murtagh helped Give Notice clinch the Prix du Cadran for Britain yesterday as the John Dunlop-trained stayer landed a controversial renewal of the
By utilizing these rule sets, attorneys can monitor their cases and keep track of all related deadlines, such as when to give notice of hearings and when to provide documents to opposing counsel prior to hearings.
It is always a difficult task to have to give notice to competent and experienced coworkers but we will do everything we can in order to support those individuals affected", states Saab Aerotech President, Lars-Erik Wige.
The trustee should be required to give notice to beneficiaries as soon as possible after a contribution subject to withdrawal rights is made to the trust; beneficiaries should have a reasonable time thereafter to make the withdrawal.
The council believes it is important that large firms give notice beyond the current 16-week minimum.
The council struck from its original motion a directive that ordered the staff to give notice to terminate the franchises if no agreements are reached within six months.
Lease [paragraph] 28 can be made clearer, to broaden a landlord's ability to give notice.
Bride and groom will have to be resident in England or Wales for seven days before they can give notice of their intention to marry.
SAS, the Scandinavian airline, has reportedly suspected lately that staff at the luggage handling unit at the foreign terminal had been emptying passengers' bags, and when the 12 suspects were arrested by police SAS said that it would give notice to them.