give life

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give your life

  also lay down your life (slightly formal)
to die in order to save other people or in order to defend a belief that you support Millions of soldiers laid down their lives for their country in the Great War.
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More than 3,500 Andy Morgan - Give Life a Chance bracelets have been sold worldwide in support of the charity.
Emma Harris, chairman of the Live Life Then Give Life charity, which is dedicated to promoting organ donation and transplantation, said: "Nyila is an inspiration to everyone at this charity.
The Give Life, Give Hope appeal is seeking donors from all walks of life.
The Echo is throwing down the gauntlet to its readers and is asking you to Give Blood to Give Life by pledging to become a new blood donor.
It can give life, but its arrows can also cause death.
And the people know that those who die to give life, pa ka pedi--they can't lose it.
I am the chairwoman of a UK charity called Live Life Then Give Life which I co-founded in 2006 after watching many young friends die awaiting organ transplants that would have saved their lives.
One advert showed a palm oil plantation while a voice-over said: "Its trees give life and help our planet breathe, and give home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna.
The driving force, especially this time of year, is it's the season for giving, and if you can give life, what better gift is there?
From March 31 to September 5, the Neighbors Give Life campaign will raise awareness about the importance of giving blood and the difference that even one donation can make.
Not surprisingly, it is the later events that give life to this biography and make it a fascinating lesson in history as it really was.
Within this search for self-affirmation is the effort to sculpt a distinct persona with which to give life some sense of meaning.
The EMC Documentum Submissions Manager for eCTD is designed to give life sciences organizations a more logical, automated tool to track, manage and assemble new drug applications while helping them adhere to eCTD requirements, improve operational efficiencies and achieve lower total cost of ownership.
Will he try to give life to his personal, very liberal views, or seek to balance out the interests of all segments of this diverse city?
SDI), announced today that the Give Life Foundation has sold out of their first shipment of wristbands and has placed their first re- order.