give the elbow

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give somebody the elbow

  (British informal)
to end a romantic relationship with someone They went out together for a month and then she gave him the elbow.
See also: elbow, give
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Take a hint and give him the elbow Dear Alex, I'VE been seeing my boyfriend for a month.
Chas becomes the latest lady to give him the elbow, as she explains she's only standing in the way of him meeting someone more suitable.
30) - his sole success came over course and distance and remains the only time the horse has run round a bend - I'm sticking to my guns having vowed to give him the elbow and move on after the latest anti-climax at York last month.
But the former Queen Vic barman will end up with NEITHER girl - when both give him the elbow on the same night.
And after a stormy telephone call with her lover minutes before she went on air this week, she decided to give him the elbow.
Diane is unsettled by Mack's promise of commitment and decides the only option is to give him the elbow.
Having given up on the limited overs game he will now be concerned the England selectors could give him the elbow for the Second Test at Nottingham in 11 days time.
First to give him the elbow was 25-year-old French schoolteacher Celine Balitran, with whom the former television doctor had been sharing his Hollywood mansion for the past three years.
More than four out of ten said they would stick by him until he stepped down then, give him the elbow.
The friend said: "It was an attempt to give him the elbow, but they didn't want to be seen to do that by the general public.