give (one) the bum's rush

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give (one) the bum's rush

1. To hastily and forcefully remove someone from a place. Likened to the ejection of a vagrant (a "bum") from a place. The bartender gave us the bum's rush after Joe started drunkenly insulting him.
2. To peremptorily or abruptly dismiss someone, due to a failed or rejected plan, idea, or performance. The board of directors gave me the bum's rush when I suggested that managers should face a pay cut alongside the other employees.
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give someone the bum's rush

If you give someone the bum's rush, you reject them or get rid of them. He has said he doesn't like journalists, but he's much too nice to give anyone the bum's rush. Note: You can also say someone gets the bum's rush. He was a TV hero last year — but he still got the bum's rush. Note: A bum is a person who has no permanent home or job, and very little money. This expression refers to a bum being thrown out of a place by force.
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give someone (or get) the bum's rush

1 forcibly eject someone (or be forcibly ejected) from a place or gathering. 2 abruptly dismiss someone (or be abruptly dismissed) for a poor idea or performance. chiefly North American
1 1998 Spectator When…James Cameron wrote an uproariously funny piece about the hotel's iniquities…he was promptly given the bum's rush.
See also: give, rush, someone
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And rather than give him the bum's rush, she looked very happy to let him interrupt her sunbathing and cigarette break.
Then, seeing Slone in the library one Tuesday afternoon, Loomis without warning summoned the local gendarmes to give him the bum's rush.
But it is likely customers will give him the bum's rush and turn the other cheek when it comes to this bizarre money-making scheme.
I just hope that, should Spencer Tunick come to Scotland, any potential volunteers give him the bum's rush.
She takes a firm hold of Pop's arm in case the door staff try to give him the bum's rush for not wearing a tie.
Kate tries to give him the bum's rush by fleeing through a doorway to the bedroom, but in other previously-censored scenes he picks up the furious beauty, baring her boobs to the Big Brother cameras