give (one) grief

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give (one) grief

To criticize or tease someone. Once my brother hears that I hit a parked car, he'll give me grief about it for years to come. I'm pretty sure that Kevin likes Katie, so I keep giving him grief about it.
See also: give, grief

give someone grief

be a nuisance to someone. informal
1998 Times One of the passengers who'd been giving the cabin crew grief started yelling, ‘We've had a near miss.’
See also: give, grief, someone

give somebody ˈgrief (about/over something)

(informal) be annoyed with somebody and criticize their behaviour: Stop giving me grief and let me finish this!
See also: give, grief, somebody
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Certain members of the public even give her grief while she is with her partner.
I give her grief for not being ready, but in reality I am lucky to be able to spend so much time with her.
Time passed and again the boyfriend would turn up at every shoot, give her grief and not allow her to travel on the coach with the other girls.
Fred Barden, who used to be her dentist before he retired, would give her grief whenever the Ducks beat the Huskies in football, but only when her mouth was "wide open" so she couldn't talk back.
She knows that if she lost the inflatable breasts she might be more accepted by other women, who give her grief.