give free rein

give somebody/something (a) free rein

also give (a) free reign to somebody/something
to allow someone or something complete freedom The owners gave the chef free reign to create a new menu. She was afraid to give free rein to her feelings.
See also: free, give, rein
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PARENTS in the Midlands are being urged to give free rein to their little ones imagination by taking them along to a special Easter event.
But the United States still has hundreds of community stations that give free rein and training to thousands of radio producers of every stripe.
Widely ignored housing laws that give free rein to slumlords.
WHILE the authorities of racing should be applauded for attempting to root out corruption, I would be interested to know which PR svengali advised the clerks of courses to give free rein to packs of television news crews to start filming at, or indeed on, the courses.
The Haltwhistle Film Project has begun a special course at Newcastle College's Hexham campus, allowing adults with learning disabilities to give free rein to their creativity and further their animation skills within a supportive environment.
It is to be hoped that this will not be taken as an opportunity to give free rein to developers and speculators, to build upon even more greenfield sites.
Ultimate responsibility for the creation of unfair fees lies with British MPs who began the dismantling of public education, but the Scottish government's decision to give free rein to university principals to set a maximum of u9,000-a-year fees (BD5,512) for English students is misguided.
No wonder that disinformation separatist canals joyfully pounced upon this unremarkable incident to give free rein to their anti-Moroccan propaganda, in a desperate attempt to make whoever may hear them believe that the Kingdom is the source of all evils.
The Politician's Husband BBC Two, 9pm David Tennant is allowed to give free rein to his talent for smouldering intensity in the eventful final episode of Paula Milne's engrossing political drama.
This quandary is cleverly solved in the bizarre notion of "loving the sinner but not the sin," which seems to give free rein to many bigots.
THE air corridors of Ireland give free rein to the military build-up of American aircraft on the way to a possible war with Iraq.
Washington Benavides, longtime professor of literature and a frequent winner of national poetry awards in Uruguay, has distinguished himself as a protean poet, one who forgoes any adherence to a consistent, personal style in order to give free rein to a restless imagination by displaying the most diverse range of themes, language, metaphors, and images.
AU believes the measure is designed to give free rein to groups like the Christian Coalition, which seek to draft churches as cogs in their right-wing political machine.
The capabilities of our powerful 64-bit hardware give free rein to their developers, and we look forward to Interplay's upcoming titles.
It's the start of a new era for the region following their move from the Arms Park and Young (below) feels it could also allow them to give free rein to their attacking instincts.