give food for thought

give somebody food for thought

to make someone think seriously about something What you've suggested has certainly given me food for thought.
See also: food, give, thought
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Future Conditional is packed with thrills and spills, sometimes a little too ruthlessly set up, and makes enough fresh political points to give food for thought, even to a recently departed leader of a major political party.
There are happy ones, sad ones and funny ones, and I hope they give food for thought and provide some inspiration to those reading them.
If this goes through, it will give food for thought to other governments that seem ambivalent about the 0.
It does, however, give food for thought about the importance of genetics for sperm motility and may open the way to more studies in this area," he added.
These make fascinating reading and give food for thought when teaching other subjects.
The second--publicity--should give food for thought to school nurses, since information about their service is rarely available in different languages and often does not contain the extensive information suggested.
Calling for readers to make their own decision, he offers his own opinion the matter, and hopes to give food for thought when deciding.
Three seminars presented by industry specialists Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK) will give food for thought on the latest market intelligence.
There are also many tales of cowardice, disloyalty and selfishness, which also give food for thought.
Music can give food for thought, but it's only people that can change the world.
These enlightening quotes and summaries give food for thought even for those who routinely deal with the pediatric neuroscience population.
Because of its subject matter it will give food for thought and some guidance to all of us, this book will be extremely useful.
His (inevitably) brief answers give food for thought about two of the most intractable issues faced by scholars in this area.
With a point per run scored, 20 per wicket, 10 per catch and 25 per stumping it would stand out as a massive buy but the deductions for ducks (10 off) and first-ballers (25) give food for thought.