give first refusal

give somebody (the right of/to) first refusal

to offer to sell someone something before you offer it to anyone else (often + on ) I have given my existing publishers first refusal on my next book.
See also: first, give
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And yesterday, their demands were answered as the club announced that Green would be stepping down and will give first refusal on his 7.
When Fifa said they would look positively and constructively at the ticket situation, the only way was to give first refusal to the FA.
They have tried unsatisfactory arrangements with jockeys who couldn't give first refusal with 100-horse yards behind them.
John Gallacher, of Castle Leisure, who also faced disappointed fans at his two nightclubs last night, said: "We'll give full refunds to everybody who got tickets and give first refusal to ticket-holders for the next gig.
I believe my divestment plan, namely to give first refusal to Celtic shareholders, fits that aim.