give currency

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give currency (to something)

to spread a story around. (With a negative if there is doubt about what is said.) I can't give any currency to anything Ralph Jones says. We give no currency to those stories. His actions gave currency to the rumor that he was about to leave.
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A recent jump in the yuan has fueled speculation that China could soon widen its trading band to give currency policy a bigger role in fighting imported price pressures.
Everyone agrees that it is licit to practice the fourth type of exchange, by true transference, carried out by buying, bartering, or using another innominate contract to give currency that is worth less in one land than in another because it is not used there; because its metal is not worth as much there as in the other place; or because it is broken, disfigured, dented, worn out, or weightless and take it to the other land where it is worth more because it is not weighed there or because it is more used there.