give best shot

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give something one's best shot

 and give one's best
Fig. to give a task one's best effort. I gave the project my best shot. Sure, try it. Give it your best!
See also: give, shot

give something your best shot

to try as hard as possible to achieve something We gave it our best shot, but we still don't know what's wrong with the computer.
See also: give, shot
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Chris Peck, sales director for Bottomline Europe commented, "Bank of Scotland (Ireland) had a requirement for a robust multi-currency laser check printing system, as market leaders we were well placed to give best practice advice on a solution that would meet these requirements.
Imran Khan said that Khyber Pukhtunkhwa had mobilized all resources to give best health facilities to IDPS, adding provincial government was also taking steps to ensure education of 400,000 IDPs children.
30pm JORGE LORENZO has had to give best to the Honda pair of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa recently, writes Adam Scriven.
Nick Riley, from Wenvoe, landed carp to 7lb, but had to give best to his 11-year-old son James, who landed carp of 10lb and 11lb as well as bream to 4lb.
CLASSY chasers Snowy Morning and Conna Castle line up in the Supermacs Drive Thru Hurdle but they may have to give best to Healys Bar.
Sensible control is all farmers need or want, and the huntsman is quite happy to doff his cap and give best to a fox who foxes his hounds as I do to a rabbit or other who bests my dogs.
In the news release, NASD Fines CSFB $170,000 and Orders $600,000 in Restitution for Failure to Give Best Execution to Customer Orders after IPO, issued earlier today by NASD over PR Newswire, we are advised by the organization that the headline should read "NASD Fines CSFB $170,000; Orders $600,000 in Restitution for Failure to Give Best Execution to Customer Orders after IPO.
Price lost to Ireland's Jim Baker, Weale went down to Alex Marshall, and Rees had to give best to world No 1 David Gourlay, but Rhondda's Mike Prosser and Cardiff's David Harding got through to the quarter-finals.
After consulting with Best Buy, the combined HickoryTech and Nortel Networks team determined that an IP-enabled solution would give Best Buy a mix of traditional and advanced solutions to maximize communications effectiveness across their new campus today and in the future," said Jon Anderson, president of HickoryTech's Enterprise Solutions division.
Talking to mediapersons after the inauguration ceremony of a local hotel here on Monday, he said "I am completely fit and hopeful to give best performance after being a part of the team in Asia Cup and T-20 World Cup.
35 However, they meet Patterdale Jazz there, and all may have to give best to Craig Dawson's ace, who picked up a maximum 40 points in the Championship.
45), but the unbeaten colt may have to give best to John Oxx's ARAZAN, who impressed in victory here last month.
On Tuesday, Weale swept past Canadian Mark Sandford in the singles, winning 11-2, 10-5, but Price had to give best to top Aussie Steve Glasson, who beat him 7-3, 8-3.
These new and expanded relationships give Best Buy customers the broadest range of choices for high-speed connectivity to the Internet, and continue to build on Best Buy's ongoing commitment to bring people and technology together through connectivity, content, products and services.