give away

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give (oneself) away

To reveal or make known—usually unintentionally—something about oneself, such as one's actions, intentions, ideas, guilt, etc. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally gave herself away when she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. I wanted my acceptance to Harvard to be a surprise, but I gave myself away when I mentioned about moving in the autumn.
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give someone or something away

to reveal a secret about someone or something. I thought no one knew where I was, but my loud breathing gave me away. We know that Billy ate the cherry pie. The cherry juice on his shirt gave him away. I had planned a surprise, but John gave away my secret.
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give someone away

 (to someone)
1. Fig. [for the bride's father] to give the bride away to the groom. (Customarily done just prior to the actual marriage ceremony.) Mr. Franklin gave Amy away to Terry just as he had done in the rehearsal. He was reluctant to give his daughter away.
2. Fig. to reveal something secret about someone to someone else. Please don't give me away. I don't want anyone to know my plans. Alice did everything she could to keep from giving herself away.
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give something away

 (to someone)
1. to donate to, or bestow something upon, someone. I gave the old clothing away to Tom. I gave away my coat to Tom.
2. to tell a secret to someone. Please don't give the surprise away to anyone. Don't give away my secret.
3. to reveal the answer to a question, riddle, or problem to someone. Don't give the answer away to them! Don't give away the answer!
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give away

1. Make a gift of, bestow, as in I decided to give away all my plants. [c. 1400]
2. Present a bride to the groom in a marriage ceremony, as in Her father gave Karen away. [c. 1700]
3. Reveal or make something known, often unintentionally; also, betray or expose someone. For example, She gave away her true feelings, or He gave away his accomplices. This idiom is sometimes put as give oneself away, as in If you don't want the family to know about your gambling, don't give yourself away by spending your winnings . [Late 1800s]
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give away

1. To relinquish something; give something to another: The store is giving away free samples of cheese. I gave my old clothes away to charity.
2. To present a bride to her bridegroom at a wedding ceremony: Very often, the father gives away the bride. I gave my daughter away at her wedding.
3. To reveal something or make something known, often accidentally; divulge something: The preview gave away the film's surprise ending. The tone of the teacher's voice gave the answer away.
4. To betray someone: I tried to pass for a local resident, but my accent gave me away.
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If you would like to help TorHoerman Law with the turkey give away this year or in the future, please call (618) 656-4400 or email info@THLawyer.
After spending over an hour at the museum, Smith then promised me that he will return for a longer time and so when I invited him to give away the awards, he readily agreed," said Bhatia.
Kalyan's second give away of the novel, the first one having been announced on SiNApSE Blog a few weeks back.
In Taiwan 50 to 100 years ago, he contends, practical considerations about the future economic health of their households, not to mention their own social status, prompted women to give away daughters that they had raised for months or years.
s Filo told National Public Radio that he and Yang wouldn't again give away a large chunk of money until "we have more time to think about what we want to do with it and what kind of cause we want to give it to.
Not just content to show viewers the good life, VIP Passport will give away as many as three of the world's most sought after cars every week - a Porsche Cayman, a Mercedes SL550, and a Hummer H2.
PALMDALE - Newly-opened Jamba Juice will give away fruit and vegetable smoothies Saturday as part of a cancer fund-raiser.
Moreover, most of the money companies give away typically goes to organizations that are seen as nonpolitical: health charities, colleges and universities, museums, and so forth.
CINCINNATI -- Great American (NYSE:AFG)(NASDAQ:AFG), one of the nation's leading insurers of independent owner operators, will give away more than just a bag of trade show trinkets at the upcoming Mid-America Trucking Show to be held March 22-24, 2007 in Louisville, KY.
Yesterday he warned that people give away the details of their lives without even knowing it, warning that search engines like Google and Yahoo keep records of everything people search for, that internet service providers keep tabs on every website they visit, that social networking services know who their user friends are, and shopping sites know not only what they buy but what they consider buying.
City officials, told that the city's only airline would pull out by October if its passenger loads didn't increase, will give away the 90 round-trip tickets at a weekly downtown festival and at weekend park concerts to promote the flights to Las Vegas.
In sales situations, the seller is unlikely to give away deceptive intentions with nonverbal cues, report psychologists Peter J.
Santa is using the extra time to give away CityDeals.
2 -- ran in AV edition only) The Lancaster JetHawks team will give away bobblehead dolls of aviation legends Gordon Fullerton and Pete Knight.
It sounds like a children's game: proving that you know a particular password without having to give away any hint of what the actual password is.