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girlie magazine

n. a magazine featuring pictures of nude women. The girlie magazines were hidden under the counter.
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girlie show

n. a performance featuring nude women. This movie has turned out to be nothing but a girlie show.
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The stage musical version of 'Larawan' was a memorable production in its own right, with many topnotch artists collaborating to make it a triumph, so we've been looking forward to its film version, produced by Celeste Legaspi and Girlie and directed by the similarly acclaimed Loy Arcenas, for a long time now-hence our special request when we spoke to Girlie.
Whatever the reason, here are the best girlie shows coming up in Birmingham.
7 J Shoes canvas flats look pretty with girlie dresses and are perfect for romantic summertime strolls.
Their cut- off- at- the- waist gowns, shorts, tops and bow dresses were not overtly girlie but apt for today's woman.
The Fing'rs brand continues to grow with Girlie Nails and Fing'rs Edge products, notes brand manager Marcy Gonzales.
Trouble is, the Agger Melody will probably be considered too girlie for the hardnuts in the Kop to sing in unison.
It's an absolutely nothing crime, barely even worth flipping open their notebooks for, but Stuart briefly dated the glamorous owner, and he and Phil wind each other up so much they end up having a big girlie fight, trying to scratch each other's eyes out back at the nick.
GIGGLING Gail Porter proves she is feeling smiles better on a girlie day out with her daughter.
Add steel and silver shadow to take your look from girlie to glare.
I confess, as the spokesmodel for Governor Girlie Man (yes, that's me in the Arnold thong), I am naturally a bit biased on the issue of which toy makes for a better purchase.
Team it with a floaty skirt like Sarah's for a girlie look or with tight cropped trousers for more of an African Queen Katharine Hepburn feel.
During the 1920s and 1930s girlie pulp magazines were sold 'under the counter' and hidden away, with talented pulp artists producing pin-up art which was largely hidden from public view.
I must admit also being a bit taken aback by the "economic girlie men" line.
The Swansea stunner and Pop Factory, GameNation and Auction World presenter, has just returned from a girlie holiday of a lifetime - with a future boyfriend in tow
SUITING UP Attention all hip-hoppers, UFO's new Hipster Girlie Snow Pant in 25 colors, have pockets that button closed.