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gird up one's loins

Fig. to get ready, especially for hard work; to prepare oneself (for something). Well, I guess I had better gird up my loins and go to work. Somebody has to do something about the problem. Why don't you gird up your loins and do something?
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gird one's loins

Also, gird up one's loins. Prepare oneself for action, as in I'm girding up my loins for that crucial interview. This expression comes from the Bible (Proverbs 31:17) and originally alluded to tucking up the traditional long robe into a girdle (that is, a belt) so it will not hamper physical activity. [c. 1600]
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gird your loins


gird up your loins

If someone girds their loins or girds up their loins, they prepare themselves mentally to deal with a difficult situation. He is girding his loins to demand financial compensation. I am girding up my loins for another round of high-level meetings. Note: This expression is used several times in the Bible. The Hebrews wore long loose robes which they tied up with a girdle or belt when they were working or travelling.
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gird (up) (one's) loins

To summon up one's inner resources in preparation for action.
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