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ginger knob

vulgar derogatory A person, typically a man, with naturally red hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minge

1. vulgar derogatory A woman with naturally red hair (a reference to her pubic hair, where "minge" is vulgar slang for the vulva/vagina). Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
2. vulgar derogatory The external genitals of a woman with red pubic hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minger

derogatory slang A person with red hair who is considered unattractive. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger group

A small group of people within a political party or organization who attempt to influence the other members of the group. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The party was staunchly conservative until the ginger group slowly started shifting them to a more liberal stance on social issues.
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ginger group

a highly active faction within a party or movement that presses for stronger action on a particular issue.informal
An old horse dealer's trick (recorded from the late 18th century) to make a broken-down animal look lively was to insert ginger into its anus. From this developed the metaphorical phrase ginger up , meaning ‘make someone or something more lively’; in the early 20th century the term ginger group arose, to refer to a highly active faction in a party or movement that presses for stronger action about something.
1970 New Society The appearance of ginger groups to fight specific proposals, is not necessarily a bad thing—particularly if the established bodies aren't prepared to fight.
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Consumers can enjoy Wild Turmeric, Coconut and Lemon & Cayenne flavors paired with ginger juice, and toss back the 2oz shot for a sweet yet earthy, warming yet awakening experience of wellbeing.
A 1982 study revealed that people prone to motion sickness who took ginger lasted 57 percent longer in a computerized rocking chair than people who took an over-the-counter remedy.
The expert's review said that the spice plays a role in fat burning, carbohydrate digestion, and insulin secretion, adding that ginger has also been shown to inhibit oxidative stress, prevent the build-up of dangerous fat in the blood vessels as well as lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
Another farmer Dik Bdr said that the plummeting price has worried the farmers as ginger constitutes a major source of income for them apart from cardamom.
Sharing his experience of some two months ago, he was recalling the moments when had to go bring back four vehicles laden with ginger to his warehouse from Kakarvitta after the India side did not allow the passage of vehicles towards India.
Key words: Acute oral toxicity, dermal irritation test, steamed and dried ginger extract (SDGE), Zingiber officinale.
The Brooklyn Crafted line includes Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Sugar Free Ginger Beer and Sugar Free Ginger Ale.
Thanks to the triple hit of ginger, this cake will give you a hit of zing which will soon have your tastebuds dancing and forgetting about its humble exterior.
Ancient people already knew the ability of ginger in effectively treating different kinds of ailments.
Comment: Ginger has demonstrated antinausea effects, and has been shown to be effective for preventing motion sickness and postoperative nausea.
It is the idea of owner Mark Linaker, who describes himself as a former ginger and believes that carrot tops deserve a break.
Additionally, ginger may act as an agonist of transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TRPV-1), which is associated with transmission of physical and chemical stimuli, and is a target for novel pain relievers in development.
2 YOU can buy capsules of it to swallow in a drink or you can just grate some fresh root ginger into a mug of hot water.
Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton's rice pudding with ginger snap dunkers INGREDIENTS: For the rice pudding: 100g of pudding rice 600ml of whole milk 50g of sugar 1 vanilla pod, split 1 bay leaf 25g of ginger, minced 1 lemon for zest For the ginger snap biscuits: 350g of plain flour, plus extra for dusting 175g of soft brown sugar 100g of butter 1 egg 4 tbsp of golden syrup 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda 1 1/2 tsp of ground ginger METHOD: 1.