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for kicks and for laughs; for giggles

Fig. for fun; just for entertainment; for no good reason. They didn't mean any harm. They just did it for kicks. We drove over to the next town for laughs.
See also: and, giggle, kick

giggle at someone or something

to snicker or chuckle at someone or something. Are you giggling at me? Fran giggled at the antics of the clown.
See also: giggle

giggle goo

(ˈgɪglæ gu)
n. liquor. Can I pour you a little of that giggle goo?
See also: giggle, goo


n. going to clubs and bars. We spent the whole night giggling, but never got really, totally drunk.
See also: giggle
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When Tickle Me Elmo laughs its escalating gleeful giggle, two guys from the Peninsula have a special reason to smile.
26 April 2017 - US-based restaurant operator Giggles N' Hugs, Inc.
MIRTH ON MENU: Pair share a funny phone message and a giggle over drinks at a restaurant in glitzy Mayfair
One cult comedy series which was guaranteed to set me off on a journey of uncontrollable giggles was S4C's Torri Gwynt (Breaking Wind).
But Charles had the veteran entertainer and Wilnelia in fits of giggles.
Sue has successfully completed her diploma and launched Giggle in January 2011.
She received advice on setting up Squiggles n Giggles as well as support to apply for Big Lottery funding.
She still laughs and giggles a lot and once she starts she can't stop.
Then moving north, one counts the passes or "dips" in the mountain range, Mosca, Medano, and Music Pass (this was no small task; the giggle cadence was stepping up
Maltesers has revealed that the recommended daily giggle dose is 30 a day.
Giggles has traditional and trendy fashions in sizes NB to 16 for girls.
Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) visitors to the mall have already enjoyed the company of the Cylarger than lifeCO Mama, Papa, Junior and Baby Giggles who can be seen at the mall every day, providing a fantastic photo opportunity for shoppers as they entertain and amuse with their playful antics.
The BBC switchboard was said to be in "meltdown" yesterday after a newsreader collapsed in a fit of giggles in a bulletin.
The majority of the time I'm a very happy person - I'm a smiley woman who also giggles a lot.
The toddler giggles, dropping his head to his chest, then quickly peeking at his dad.