ghetto blaster

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(ghetto) blaster

and (ghetto) box (ˈgɛdo blæstɚ and ˈgɛdo bɑks)
n. a huge portable stereo, often carried on the shoulder. (Associated with blacks.) Hey, turn down that ghetto blaster in here!
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Just as Dennis was about to hug Sheree he walked around her to first shut off the blaring ghetto blaster in the corner.
8) LL COOL J'S GHETTO BLASTER LONG before Beats and iPods, music fans were trying to play their tunes as loudly as possible.
And as house music began to emerge on dancefloors, there was also an appearance at the venue by singer Darryl Pandy who flew in from Chicago and arrived with a huge ghetto blaster to play the backing track for his performance.
Enjoy a driving beat with a ghetto blaster taped to the dash
Anyway, it appears Mowdiwarp likes the sun, if not the folk it attracts: "Nice to see a bit of summer, but of course as soon as the sun appears so do the imbeciles with their cans of lager, screaming unsupervised kids, throwing a 'party' in their back garden complete with mobile disco and, in our case, as the ghetto blaster wasn't considered loud enough, they parked their cars outside the gate, opened the car doors and turned the car stereo up as well
The Baywatch babe then got on stage in a dodgy gold bikini, high heels with a massive 80s-style hairdo, and a ghetto blaster.
Then there was my legendary ghetto blaster - that came with me everywhere too.
The society is urgently seeking an 80s ghetto blaster, mobile phone and BMX bike for the show which opens at the College Theatre, The Butts, Coventry, on May 19 for a week-long run.
He threw her down the stairs and she crashed into the front door, before throwing a ghetto blaster at her.
I smelled a big Russian rat the day after he barged in to John Robertson's dressing-room a few years back and told his euphoric team to turn their ghetto blaster off after they had just produced a stunning win in Europe.
It had no radio or clock, so I used to have an old watch taped to the steering column and a ghetto blaster in the seat next to me.
Among those featured are Salif Keita, Snowboy, Herbie Hancock, Mory Kante, Fatboy Slim, James Brown, Hugh Masekela, The Meters, Booker T & The MGs, DJ Food, Manu Dibango, Ghetto Blaster, Brice Wassy and, naturally, Fela's son, Femi.
Tucked behind a single fence and some beer, a ghetto blaster lets us know how much Lee Ving loves living in the city, and an empty pool reassures us to do what we do.
A Goodison insider explained: ``It was a little quiet in the dressing room while the players were changing and the ghetto blaster we usually use to break the atmosphere a little had been left on the team bus.
Molly's playing the mandolin and we've got an 80s ghetto blaster to play beatboxing in the background.