get (a lot of) stick (from someone)

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get (a lot of) stick (from someone)

To receive strong criticism, disapproval, or judgment (for something). I got a lot of stick from my parents over my decision to pursue a degree in art, rather than law or medicine. I'm going to get stick from my boss for that accounting error I made last week. John still gets a lot of stick for that time his pants fell down in the middle of class.
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get a lot of stick


come in for some stick

COMMON If you get a lot of stick or come in for some stick, you are criticized a lot, often in an unfair way. I got a lot of stick when we returned from the India tour and some of it I deserved. Note: You can also say that you give someone a lot of stick. The critics gave me a lot of stick for that performance but I don't think it was that bad.
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get/take ˈstick from somebody

(British English, informal) be angrily told you are wrong or at fault; be blamed or criticized: The new member of the team took a lot of stick from the crowd. He played terribly.The government has been getting a lot of stick from the press recently.
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Midfielder O'Hara (above) - signed from Tottenham for PS5million on a five-year deal in June 2011 - is one of the big-money Molineux stars getting stick for their headlong plunge from the Premier League to League One in two disastrous seasons.
So he's amazed Gus MacPherson is getting stick after keeping the club there for three seasons AND taking them to a cup final.
I feel sorry for Nathan Delfouneso, who must be thinking he could be the next academy graduate getting stick in years to come when the going gets tough.
County's forwards have been getting stick from their team-mates for drawing blanks and Weir-Daley revealed: "A lot of the boys were a little anxious that the strikers hadn't scored.
MY heart goes out to the mother of the girls who all had babies under-age and now getting stick over benefits.
Poor old Willy has been getting stick for something completely out of his control - not being selected by Arsene Wenger.