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A highly motivated and ambitious person. We want interns who are go-getters, not timid kids who need to be told what to do.

(real) go-getter

an active, energetic, and aggressive person. Mary is very aggressive in business. A real go-getter.

a go-getter

someone who has a lot of energy and confidence and wants to succeed I remember him as a real go-getter - someone who you knew would reach the top of whatever profession he chose.


n. an energetic person. Willy is a real go-getter. He’ll go places.
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But our Go Getters are limbered up and ready for action.
The pending reintroduction of the Game Getter rifle/ shotgun combination really brings back memories.
SAES Getters Group has been firmly established in the US market since the 1960s and now has five operating companies around the country," Belcher noted.
In addition to supplying PageWafer technology, SAES Getters will support STMicroelectronics with technological consulting for the hermetic package design and characterization, as far as vacuum requirement definition, and it will also provide outgassing and residual gas-analysis service.
We know preparing for Christmas celebrations is no mean feat, and our Go Getters are limbering up to deliver an extra present for mum this year - peace of mind during the Christmas shop.
Effective today, further to the request submitted by the Company on July 17th, SAES Getters S.
Starting in 2004, by leveraging the core competencies in special metallurgy and materials science, the SAES Getters Group has expanded its business into advanced material markets, with the introduction of new optical crystal and shape memory alloy.
Following previous restructurings related to the Equipment Aggregate, the Board of Directors approved the stoppage of the manufacturing activities of the Group subsidiary SAES Getters Technical Service (Shanghai) Co.
Prospects should be even brighter as part of a larger dynamic firm like SAES Getters.
The acquisition will be effected through a newly-formed Delaware company (wholly-owned subsidiary of SAES Getters International Luxembourg S.
The rise was due to higher sales of getters for thermal insulation used in vacuum bottles and getter pumps for particle accelerators and analytical instruments.
The following ``Membership First'' candidates were the top 13 vote- getters, which gives all but two a three-year term on the national and Hollywood division boards of SAG: Lou Diamond Phillips, Valerie Harper, Esai Morales, Kent McCord, Seymour Cassel, Bill Daniels, Frances Fisher, Alan Rosenberg, Jane Austin, France Nuyen, and Bonnie Bartlett.
Monday night, singer and actor Donny Osmond and Home Media Retailing publisher Don Rosenberg announced the top vote getters in 15 categories of the magazine's second annual TV DVD Awards, which this year drew more than 100,000 separate votes.
3 million in 2000, mainly for the decreased sales of getters pills for metal vacuum bottles.
SGTS is SAES Getters Group second established company in China, besides the joint venture Nanjing SAES Huadong Getter Co.