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A highly motivated and ambitious person. We want interns who are go-getters, not timid kids who need to be told what to do.

(real) go-getter

an active, energetic, and aggressive person. Mary is very aggressive in business. A real go-getter.

a go-getter

someone who has a lot of energy and confidence and wants to succeed I remember him as a real go-getter - someone who you knew would reach the top of whatever profession he chose.


n. an energetic person. Willy is a real go-getter. He’ll go places.
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Paolo della Porta, Chief Executive Officer of the Saes Getters Group, adding "Particularly the sales of the Equipment Business continue having a strong growth, thanks to the recovery in the semiconductor industry.
Since its foundation Saes Getters has presented more than 300 papers to important international symposia and has granted or acquired more than 250 basic international patents of which Paolo della Porta is often the author or the inventor.
Paolo della Porta, Chief Executive Officer of the Saes Getters Group, adding "Products of the Component Business continue retaining good results in terms of both sales and margins, but we are particularly satisfied with the further growth in the Equipment Business.
I believe that there is always scope for improvement and despite being the top run- getter for Karnataka this season, I feel that I could have done a few things better.
Anchor Audio will be introducing the Go Getter Portable Sound System and its package options.
The blue King Getter spoon was trolled 200 feet back and a red King Getter was trolled 150 feet back.
There at the Marble Arms booth was a display of their long out-of-production Game Getter Gun and a sign indicating they were once again going to put that unique folding model back into production this year.
In announcing the agreement, Kerry Getter, CEO of Balcones Recycling, says the initial buildings will occupy 15 to 20 acres of the overall property and accommodate the company's future growth needs.
After 22 years at daily newspapers, award-winning investigative reporter Lisa Getter has joined UCG as its new corporate editorial director.
Getter has been appointed as acquisitions director.
In the first 20 pages the author explains in some detail how he surgically reattached a severed hand: this is a real attention getter.
Pat Getter, vice president of communications for CropLife America, a former television news reporter and corporate spokesperson for DuPont for many years, is leading the staff effort.
Gas purity is maintained by a getter (G) and liquid nitrogen traps (LN).