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He might have an ally in Holly, who gets the wrong idea about what Dirk did on his stag night, but Milo's meddling is about to get out of hand.
Jenny gets the wrong idea and marches in to confront them.
Before anyone gets the wrong idea, Musgrave wanted to make it clear that the hat didn't signal any change of allegiance.
The wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you can have a real problem.
Elsewhere, Patrick is invited round for dinner at Dot's but gets the wrong idea.
I don't want to say exactly how in case someone gets the wrong idea.
He's quickly rebuffed, but Zinnie - who witnesses the incident - gets the wrong idea about it.
EastEnders Kat and Max come up with a plan to track Stacey down, but Alfie gets the wrong idea when the pair spend time with each other.
And when the two share an innocent hug, Sinead gets the wrong idea, and writes out a Christmas card to Joe, with the words 'did you know that Freddie is in love with your fiancee?
He's been sleeping on the sofa after a row with Kylie but Tommy gets the wrong idea.
Before anybody gets the wrong idea, student warriors do not battle professional warriors at the NFS.
Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not saying any of the aforementioned items are bad or should be disallowed, however, I know that this is her idea of "grocery" shopping.
Unfortunately, he gets the wrong idea and tries to get physical.
However, before anyone gets the wrong idea, the whole thing is being done in the name of charity to help raise money for the Bristol Cancer Health Centre, in particular for breast cancer and cancer care.
CROSSROADS: Nicola gets drunk with Josh and has to fight him off when he gets the wrong idea.