get into trouble

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get into trouble

1. To get into a bad or dangerous situation. I think we might get into trouble if we try driving the car on that rickety bridge. If you ever get into trouble out in the water, wave both your arms so the lifeguard can see you.
2. To be reprimanded for something. I am definitely going to get into trouble with my mom if she finds out that I broke the vase. If I'm not home by curfew, I will get into trouble with my parents.
3. To get a woman pregnant outside of marriage. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "into." You're just 16 years old—if you aren't ready to raise a baby, then you better not do anything to get a girl into trouble.
See also: get, trouble

get someone into trouble

make (an unmarried woman) pregnant. dated euphemistic
See also: get, someone, trouble

get somebody into ˈtrouble

(old-fashioned) make a woman who is not married pregnant
See also: get, somebody, trouble
References in classic literature ?
I s'pose it's because I am Ojo the Unlucky that everyone who tries to help me gets into trouble.
The movie tells the story of Mousa, a Palestinian car thief who gets into trouble after stealing a car that has a kidnapped Israeli soldier in its trunk
I do want to be like him, despite the fact I know like him, despite the fact I know he gets into trouble.
It will also intervene if any of the banks gets into trouble.
The author, Kate Ledger (whom I know from high school), vividly portrays a grandiose, ethically vain, but well-meaning doctor who gets into trouble because he is naive enough to believe his patients' interests should come before his role as a conscripted soldier in the war on drugs.
THE German government has promised to back Opel if the parent company General Motors gets into trouble.
He wakes everybody up and has the whole police force after him, but comes down in case he gets into trouble with his girlfriend.
Tina, 30, from Llandough, had the idea for 'Larry the Lifeboat and Friends' - tales about a cheeky lifeboat who gets into trouble at sea - as she watched CBeebies with her children Kieran, three, and Callum, one.
But when he gets into trouble, trapped on his back atop a tall pile of rocks, only his special abilities as a turtle can help him--abilities that he doesn't know about either, until his new friends explain
Jonah longs to be one of the popular kids, and he gets into trouble hanging around with some wild boys.
While I am all for holding culpable individuals accountable, the message to employees in the KPMG case seems clear: even if what you are doing has the company's blessing, if the company gets into trouble, you are on your own.
A bucket of dinosaurs has trouble getting along in such close quarters, and Harry gets into trouble when he decides to let them loose for a breather.
I hope he keeps skating and if he ever gets into trouble I hope I can help him get out of it.
Nicole realizes what Chrissie was doing and has come to stop her before she gets into trouble.
Adrien Brody is a Persian Gulf War veteran who gets into trouble back home in ``The Jacket.