get (one's) claws into (someone)

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get (one's) claws into (someone)

To exert one's influence over another person. Bobby's new girlfriend must have gotten her claws into him—have you seen the way he's dressing these days?
See also: claw, get

get your claws into someone

1. If someone gets their claws into you, they control or influence you in a selfish way for their own advantage. The Tigers want to get their claws into 20-year old striker Martin Carruthers from Aston Villa. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of get. These people had their claws into him and he didn't know how to get clear of them.
2. If a woman gets her claws into a man, she manages to start a relationship with him. Sadly for Jackie, Amanda got her claws into Gavin first. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of get. She wasted no time in hooking her claws into Des. Note: You usually use this expression in a disapproving way.
See also: claw, get, someone

get your claws into

enter into a possessive relationship with someone (used especially of a woman who dominates or manipulates a man). informal
See also: claw, get

get your ˈclaws into somebody

1 (disapproving) if a woman gets her claws into a man, she tries hard to make him marry her or to have a relationship with her: He was perfectly happy before she got her claws into him!
2 criticize somebody severely: Wait until the media gets its claws into her.
Claws are the sharp curved nails on the end of an animal’s or a bird’s foot.
See also: claw, get, somebody
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Despite that, any man who gets his claws into her will feel like the cat who has got the cream.
Henk Ten Cate gets his claws into Gers boss Walter Smith after watching the Bairns wipe the floor with his Ajax side
Not when Dublin thriller writer John Connolly gets his claws into some of the best-loved stories of all time.
Yesterday's Lord's purgatory could soon seem like a walk in the park when demon spinner Muttiah Muralitharan gets his claws into Hussain's England.
Meanwhile, drag queen Paul Lambert (Matthew Bose) gets his claws into Ivan Jones (Daniel Brocklebank
THE drugs scandal erupting around American sprint sensation Marion Jones is certain to turn into a legal circus when legendary lawyer Johnnie Cochran gets his claws into the case.