get the feel of something

get a/the feel of (something)

To have a good sense of a situation or how to do something; to have substantial knowledge or experience in something. Once I get a feel of the company's daily operations, I'll be more comfortable in this management role.
See also: feel, get, of

get the feel of (something)

To begin having a general sense of how to do or use something or how something operates; to become familiar with something. Though it's radically advanced from my last computer, I'm starting to get the feel of this newer model. I got the feel of the office after a couple of days shadowing my boss.
See also: feel, get, of

get the ˈfeel of something

(informal) become familiar with or get used to something: When you’re learning to drive a car, you’ll probably find changing gear difficult, but you’ll soon get the feel of it.Once you get the feel of a Ferrari, you’ll never want any other car.
See also: feel, get, of, something