get shit together

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get one's shit together

 and get one's stuff together 
1. Fig. to get one's possessions organized. (Shit is usually taboo.) Let me get my shit together, and I'll be right with you. I'll get my shit together and be right with you. Will you all please get your stuff together so we can get going?
2. Fig. to get oneself mentally organized. (Shit is usually taboo.) As soon as I get my shit together, I can be of more help. When you have your shit together you can start living independently again.
See also: get, shit, together

get your shit together

to become more organized and effective He's really got his shit together since he left college.
See also: get, shit, together

get (one's) shit together

To get organized; put one's affairs or possessions in order.
See also: get, shit, together