get out

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get something out (of someone or something)

to remove something from someone or something. He probably will be okay when they get the tumor out of him. Please get that dog out of the living room.
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get something out

1. Lit. to remove or extricate something. Please help me get this splinter out. Would you help me get out this splinter? The tooth was gotten out without much difficulty.
2. Fig. to manage to get something said. He tried to say it before he died, but he couldn't get it out. I had my mouth full and couldn't get out the words.
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get out

1. Leave, escape, as in With good conduct he'll get out of prison in a few months, or In case of a fire, we just want to get out alive. [c. 1300] This phrase is also used as an imperative, ordering someone to depart. For example, Get out! You've no business being in here. [c. 1700] Also see get out of, def. 1.
2. Become known, as in Somehow the secret got out. [Late 1800s] Also see out in the open.
3. get something out. Publish something, as in Once we get out the newsletter, we can concentrate on other projects. [Late 1700s]
4. Produce a sound, as in The singer had a sore throat and could hardly get out a note. [First half of 1800s] Also see the subsequent idioms beginning with get out.
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get out

1. To leave or escape: I got out of the car and followed them. I'm stuck in this terrible job and I can't get out. Someone left the door open and the cat got out.
2. To cause to leave or escape: I got them out of the car just in time.
3. To bring something into the open; expose something in order to use it: The students got their notebooks out and began writing. The reporters got out their equipment and started recording.
4. To express some feeling, emotion, or condition: If something is bothering you, you should get it out so we can discuss it.
5. To become known: Somehow our secret got out.
6. To cause something to become known; disseminate something: We need to get this important information out. Let's get out the news as quickly as possible.
7. To produce or manufacture something: The factory got out 5,000 parts just in time. The publisher got 25 new titles out last year.
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