get ahold of

get ahold of somebody

to communicate with someone get hold of somebody I'm trying to get ahold of everyone to tell them the party is at 9 tomorrow.
See also: ahold, get, of

get ahold of something

to obtain something get hold of something I finally got ahold of that novel you said I should read.
See also: ahold, get, of
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With all of the technology that enables these individuals to get ahold of your personal information you can never really be comfortable," said Toporoff.
One challenge involved Tyrone Olson, and since Dave had no idea of how to get ahold of T-Bone, we saved that investigation for the next day.
The next morning we called Dave to see if he'd found any leads on how to get ahold of T-Bone.
Not the Dodgers, whose representatives in the Dominican Republic altered Beltre's birth certificate in order to sign him in 1994 before the age-16 minimum and before the Yankees and Braves could get ahold of him.