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It's usually impossible to get a word in edgeways when the chatty ex-England Under-21 team-mates hook up for their get-togethers.
We learn nothing about the person being interviewed - as they can hardly get a word in edgeways, and the questions are trivial beyond belief - but we learn plenty about what a high opinion the interviewer has of themselves.
He admits he was rubbish when he first started interviewing stars, as he just tried to be funny and didn't let them get a word in edgeways.
So tune in on Tuesday morning on GMTV when David and I will have a rematch - if he'll let me get a word in edgeways.
I have attended these meetings and you have to fight like a dog just to get a word in edgeways.
But being able to communicate, being able to write and being able to get a word in edgeways at the dinner table - I credit Ireland with everything that has made my career possible.