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Gentlemanly behaviour is something that sets one human apart from another.
Today Coun Lloyd said: 'Everything was gentlemanly and cordial at the poll.
Lou Conte, who has kept a gentlemanly distance from the company since ceding control to Vincent, came to see all the programs presented during HSDC's Chicago season this spring.
Haliburton, who was a lawyer, judge, politician and historian, published his first Sam Slick story at about age 40, and spent most of the next three decades trying to disassociate himself with his creation, even cultivating his gentlemanly relatives in England in hopes of regaining his preferred place in society.
5) and Gentlemanly Values, Education, & the Industrial Spirit (ch.
The latter will be his alter ego, living a separate life and doing all the dirty work, allowing the gentlemanly Montmorency to live the good life in a fashionable hotel.
His best customer was our own Gentle Giant, a hero in Italy as he is here in Wales, remembered for his great skill and gentlemanly conduct.
Karen, a former model, said she was impressed by Jason's gentlemanly charm.
However attractive may be Equiano's direct gaze and gentlemanly dress, just the notion that a black woman knew how to hold a pen, much less could apply that pen to paper (as indicated by the portrait), must have had major repercussions on both sides of the Atlantic.
I found the star (Sean Connery) to be courteous and gentlemanly during our dealings, but all was not rosy between he and the director.
to which] al gentlemen are instituted," and he specifically includes war within these neglected gentlemanly affairs:
He did the job nicely, while apparently behaving in a decent and gentlemanly manner--viz, his reluctance to abandon Alger Hiss.
It may not be a very gentlemanly procedure but it can make for fascinating history.
He asserts that "the case offered by the gentlemanly capitalist interpretation is neither proven nor disproven in its eighteenth-century context.
They clambered down the looping ramps at The Master's woefully maintained Secretariat; sketched the wonderful plastic soffit of the Law Courts ('originally supposed to be shell structures' - Doshi); mooched around Sector 22 with its rather decorative housing blocks from Fry and Drew, Jeanneret and the gentlemanly, present Aditya Prakesh; and were able to engage over endless cups of tea - the experience and intellect of Doshi, Prakash, Alan Colquhoun and the young practitioners of Chandigarh Architects, co-sponsors of the event with Arizona State University.