man/woman/gentleman/lady of leisure

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man/woman/gentleman/lady of leisure

Someone who has enough money that they do not need to work for a living, and therefore can spend their time however they please. The group mostly consists of ladies of leisure who use their time, money, and influence to help improve the lives of inner-city children. I tried my hand at a variety of professions, but in the end, the only life that suits me best is that of a man of leisure.
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a lady of leisure

A lady of leisure is a woman who does not have to work. There'll be no more mid-week shopping now you're no longer a lady of leisure.
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lady (or man or gentleman) of leisure

a person who does not need to earn a living or whose time is free from obligations to others.
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Economic status and a receptive philosophical posture unite African American characters and Will Barrett, undermining the economic superiority of the gentleman of leisure, while Pieper's philosophical categories highlight the enforced servitude of the African Americans, casting the hollow idleness of the wealthy into vivid relief.
And that promises to give the Prime Minister plenty of reminders of what it means to become a gentleman of leisure.
But don't think you need to be a lady or gentleman of leisure to become a slow cooker.
He led the life of a gentleman of leisure and wrote very little.
Until the age of 18, he appeared destined to follow in his father's footsteps as a gentleman of leisure, dividing time between philanthropic projects and managing inherited wealth.
Born on the outskirts of Glastonbury, England, he'd grown up as a boisterous, unruly young gentleman of leisure.