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be just before you're generous

Fulfill your duties before engaging in fun activities. This phrase is often used to refer to financial matters. Put some of your paycheck in savings right away—be just before you're generous. You need to clean your room before you go out with your friends. Be just before you're generous.
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to a fault

To an extreme to excessive degree; more than is usual or necessary. Jim is polite to a fault—it can actually be a little bit irritating sometimes. The police sergeant is honest to a fault, following every regulation and guideline without question.
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Be just before you're generous.

Prov. Do what you ought to do before you do things that you want to do; pay your debts before you give money away. Jill: It's payday! I can't wait to go out and buy my niece that nice toy train set for her birthday. Jane: But, Jill, we have bills to pay. Be just before you're generous.
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generous to a fault

Cliché too generous; overly generous. My favorite uncle is generous to a fault. Sallyalways generous to a fault—gave away her lunch to a homeless man.
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to a fault

Excessively, extremely, as in He was generous to a fault. This phrase, always qualifying an adjective, has been so used since the mid-1700s. Indeed, Oliver Goldsmith had this precise usage in The Life of Richard Nash (1762).
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to a fault

COMMON If someone has a good quality to a fault, they have more of this quality than is usual or necessary. She was generous to a fault and tried to see that we had everything we needed. He's honest to a fault, brave, dedicated, and fiercely proud of the New York Police Department.
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— to a fault

(of someone or something displaying a particular commendable quality) to an extent verging on excess.
1995 Bill Bryson Notes from a Small Island Anyway, that's the kind of place Bournemouth is—genteel to a fault and proud of it.
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to a ˈfault

(written) used to say that somebody has a lot, or even too much of a particular good quality: He was generous to a fault.
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to a fault

To an excessive degree: generous to a fault.
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Predictably, those who enrolled in the most generous plan spent the most on health care.
If you want to be generous with clients, make an explicit policy.
The key to that performance was that Irish Cavalier was giving Generous Ransom a mere pound and beat him by three lengths.
The schools have provided that support for our family and we just want to pass on to others the opportunity to benefit from such great educational institutions," said Joyce & Troy Sacco, owners of Generous Property.
Other charity campaigns run through the charity, like #teamirfon, have also shown just how generous the people of North Wales are when it comes to supporting local healthcare services.
The Index 2013 has ranked Ireland as the most generous country in Europe and fifth most generous country in the world.
Following Tuesday's 'recalibration' of historic rankings Generous is regarded as the fourth greatest horse on ratings since 1977, alongside Sea The Stars and Shergar.
A letter written by Valeria Amos, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, thanked India for generous contribution of US $ 25 million for flood victims in Pakistan.
2 : providing more than enough of what is needed : abundant <a generous supply>
It's a most generous donation," said Chapter 16 Senior Vice Commander Roy Martin.
Two-thirds of the top 100 firms were found to be offering the more generous 'matching' plans.
60), with Corey Nakatani, won divisions of the Generous Stakes for 2-year-olds.
As president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Otolaryngology--Head & Neck Surgery and as an elected Republican committeeman, I would encourage generous support, but I have been surprised at how much even a little bit of support is recognized and appreciated.
Many residences include large, private balconies or generous outdoor terraces that beautifully blend interior and exterior space, a design hallmark of Meier where natural light infuses the residential environment.