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generalize about someone or something

 and generalize on someone or something
to interpret someone or something in very general terms. Sometimes it isn't wise to generalize about a complicated issue. She is very complex and it is difficult to generalize on her.
See also: generalize

generalize from something

to assume a general pattern in something from specific observances of something. You can hardly generalize from only two instances. You can't generalize anything from the testimony of a single witness!
See also: generalize
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A whole chapter is dedicated to nesting, generalizing, and asymmetric extensions of popular distributions, as have become popular in empirical finance and other applications.
The following Example explains that the definition of generalize derivation (of type 2) is more generalizing than the generalize derivation (of type 1).
These were of little use in generalizing the results beyond the streams used to determine the interaction parameters.
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