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generalize about someone or something

 and generalize on someone or something
to interpret someone or something in very general terms. Sometimes it isn't wise to generalize about a complicated issue. She is very complex and it is difficult to generalize on her.
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generalize from something

to assume a general pattern in something from specific observances of something. You can hardly generalize from only two instances. You can't generalize anything from the testimony of a single witness!
See also: generalize
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In this situation her understanding of the concept of parameter developed from the finite generalizer to unknown-to-be-found.
It also makes it possible to achieve the extensions of the understanding of the parameter from placeholder to the parameter as changing quantity, as generalizer and as unknown.
Table 1: Meanings of a parameter Meaning of Algebraic meaning Graphic image a parameter placeholder -one numerical value, -one graph, -one at a time -one at a time, -a parameter in this role has a static character generalizer a set of numerical a sheaf of graphs ,,family" values parameter changing a changing numerical -a graph is changing quantity continuously with ,,sliding" value change of a parameter, parameter - a parameter has a dynamic character unknown-to a subset of numerical a subset of graphs -be-found values in a sheaf
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