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generalize about someone or something

 and generalize on someone or something
to interpret someone or something in very general terms. Sometimes it isn't wise to generalize about a complicated issue. She is very complex and it is difficult to generalize on her.
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generalize from something

to assume a general pattern in something from specific observances of something. You can hardly generalize from only two instances. You can't generalize anything from the testimony of a single witness!
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So, at this point, I would say that these findings are very generalizable.
Because of the nonrandom selection process and the probable lack of a representative sample, their results are not generalizable to the populations of insurers examined.
Administrators and lawyers also are reluctant to receive an answer that may be generalizable for different reasons.
This proposal describes the development of a highly generalizable technique, termed FUNC-NGS, which links in situ functional information of protein activity with the function-determining DNA sequence in a massively parallel manner opening exciting possibilities, e.
The regulation "reflect[s] the ethical obligation of researchers and sponsors to respect human trial participants through fidelity to commitments made explicit in informed consent: namely, to make results of trials available to contribute to generalizable knowledge," said Dr.
We believe that [our] findings are likely to be generalizable to all high-dose niacin formulations," and any potential benefits of the therapy must be weighed against those important hazards, reported Martin J.
In this extension of Waltz's work toward a generalizable model of the socialization process, Thies (political science, U.
Researchers noted that the study's findings might not be generalizable to women because the group of patients studied was overwhelmingly male.
This overall prevalence corresponds to published estimates in community studies, implying that findings of the meta-analysis are generalizable, they noted.
It's an interesting study," he says, "but we'll have to see if it's generalizable.
Future research can extend these findings to other countries in order to make the results more generalizable.
The extent to which these findings are generalizable to other institutions is unknown.
There is clearly a need for research that is generalizable to other school settings.