in the/somebody's blood/genes

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in the blood

Innate, as of a skill or quality. That type of passion can't be taught—it's in the blood.
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in the blood

 and in one's blood
Fig. built into one's personality or character. John's a great runner. It's in his blood. The whole family is very athletic. It's in the blood.
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in the/somebody’s ˈblood/ˈgenes

part of somebody’s nature and shared by other members of their family: Both his father and his mother were writers, so literature runs in his blood.
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Changes in the gene expression associated with carbon tetrachloride-induced liver fibrosis persist after cessation of dosing in mice.
So, researchers using planarians may learn about gene functions that can't currently be studied in knockout animals.
Basal expression of each gene was detected, but each gene was identified as an angiotensin II-induced gene (10,11).
Gene expression measurement is a multi-billion dollar market that is expected to grow from $1 to $7 billion over the next five years.
Last March, researchers at the University of Michigan inserted a defective gene linked to skin cancer into a mouse embryo.
The first gene affected the mouth, the second the face, the third the top of the head, the fourth the neck, the fifth the thorax, the sixth the front half of the abdomen, the seventh the rear half of the abdomen, and the eighth various other parts of the abdomen.
He quoted a scientist who optimistically claimed that genetic engineering will eventually eliminate the gene and therefore the problems of addiction.
Anderson's medical career has been dedicated to the goal of gene therapy.
However, most scientists and physicians who have studied the puzzle of why certain people get the disease while others don't are convinced that heredity-the genes we inherit from our ancestors-is a very important factor.
One benefit of RNAi gene therapy is that it uses the body's own machinery, making it an effective approach," Kay said at the time.
Therefore, on average only 2% of the variability in a gene sequence is the result of amino acid substitutions.
Although the researchers aren't sure how the gene transfer took place, they speculate that it required tight physical contact between the parasites and their host plants.
The TGase I promoter is available through RCT's Gene Expression Technologies (GET) licensing program, which offers systems and components for gene expression at affordable costs.
Partial nucleotide sequencing of the flor gene showed 100% identity with that of serotype Typhimurium DT 104.
Reason: Why haven't researchers been more successful in using somatic cell gene therapy - replacing defective genes in a patient's tissues with normal versions - to cure genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis?