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gen up on (something)

To inform or educate oneself about something; to study up on something. Primarily heard in UK. I'm going to have to gen up on my computer skills before starting this new job.
See also: gen, on, up

gen (someone) up on (something)

To inform or educate someone about something; to give someone the required information about something. Primarily heard in UK. The manager genned us up this morning on the status of the company.
See also: gen, on, up
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On the flip side, Gen Z is the most accepting of new forms of content, such as native advertising or sponsored lenses and filters.
Gen Xers will have to save for their children's college education, as well as for their own retirement.
No primeiro ciclo de producao, todos os genotipos apresentaram mais de 66% de plantas mortas, destacando-se os genotipos GEN 2, GEN 3, GEN 4, GEN 8, GEN 22 e GEN 24, que apresentaram 100% de mortalidade.
In summary, if you want to fully utilize your SATA Gen 2 host port, then a port multiplier or another similar device can provide expanded storage capacity and enhanced performance.
For example, Gen Y buyers are less interested than older generations in purchasing environmentally sound vehicles, despite the need for fuel economy and practical operating costs.
Among the 8 other important reasons for saving, Gen X and Gen Y respondents identify the following:
Gen Kapoor had earlier proposed only administrative action against Lt Gen Prakash, his principal staff officer, and two junior officers of the Darjeeling- based 33 Corps.
Before he retraced the journey they made in August, Gen.
Eating habits in cars also varied across generations - 73 percent of Gen Y-ers eat snacks in the car and 48 percent eat full meals.
He continued, "it should be no surprise to anyone that follows Med Gen, that the company, during this past year, has undergone a complete metamorphous from retail sales orientation to direct to consumer programs; in the process filming five commercials and completing four new Internet Sites.
The Med Gen product line can now boast 15 products, capturing a larger dollar purchase per site visit by offering 9 of the most popular vitamin purchases.
As a precursor to its investment in TV and Print advertising programs, Med Gen has completed a thorough study to support any claims it makes regarding the weight loss program the company hopes will contribute significantly to its revenues and earnings this year.
Paul Kravitz, Med Gen Chairman, in telephone interviews with Wall Street analysts and news reporters stated that he expected sales for UnDiet[TM] to grow quickly and beyond the minimal return of $4 million, which is based on dollars spent without taking into consideration the multiple purchases each consumer must make during their individual diet program, which is estimated at six (6).
GEN website visitors are able to directly access the news that is most important and interesting to them.
Today Speck Products announced that cases for the 2nd Gen iPod nano will begin shipping this Wednesday, September 27, 2006.