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gen up on (something)

To inform or educate oneself about something; to study up on something. Primarily heard in UK. I'm going to have to gen up on my computer skills before starting this new job.
See also: gen, on, up

gen (someone) up on (something)

To inform or educate someone about something; to give someone the required information about something. Primarily heard in UK. The manager genned us up this morning on the status of the company.
See also: gen, on, up
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The Gen II team is the most experienced and longest tenured team in the private equity fund administration industry, and has received the highest levels of customer satisfaction of any fund administrator.
Contact: Jeff Gendel Managing Director Gen II Fund Services, LLC 212-408-0501 jgendel@gen2fund.
The average drive supports about 50-60MBbps, and a single SATA Gen 1 port is capable of 150MB/s peak bandwidth.
Most system host motherboards do not support a Gen 2 PHY, and a separate card is needed to upgrade the system.
In summary, if you want to fully utilize your SATA Gen 2 host port, then a port multiplier or another similar device can provide expanded storage capacity and enhanced performance.
0a, or Gen li, has a maximum length of 1 meter internal cable, and so does the second generation 3.
In summary, this direct connection provides the opportunity for Desktop, Workstation, or Consumer Devices to add Gen 1m ports on the external skin of every PC, allowing for low-cost, high-performance, easy upgrades.
The study also shows that, along with lower transaction prices, Gen Y buyers prefer manual transmissions - a striking contrast with other generations.
But stick shifts aren't the only preferences surfacing for Gen Y drivers.
For example, Gen Y buyers are less interested than older generations in purchasing environmentally sound vehicles, despite the need for fuel economy and practical operating costs.
Today, Gen Y heads only 6 percent of the households in the United States.
Gen Z has more of an entrepreneurial spirit 17% of Gen Z vs.
Gen Z prefers face-to-face communication over technology Gen Z grew up with technology, yet 51% percent prefer in-person communication over tools like instant messaging and video conferencing.
According to Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding and Author of Promote Yourself, the study reveals other attributes that distinguish Gen Z and Gen Y employees.
Gen Z Workplace Expectations," the study queried approximately 1,000 individuals from each generation across 10 countries: the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.