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and geke
1. n. a disgusting and repellent person; a creep. (Rude and derogatory.) The convention was a seething morass of pushy sales geeks and glad-handers.
2. n. an earnest student; a hardworking student. (Usually objectionable.) It looks like the geeks are taking over this campus. How gross!
3. n. a person, soldier, or civilian of an East Asian country, especially in wartime. (Rude and derogatory.) Willy is tired of geeks and the way they talk.

geek out

in. to study hard. (see also geek.) Big test tomorrow. I’ve got to get home and geek out.
See also: geek, out


mod. stylish or fashionable only for social outcasts. (see also geek.) Why do you have to buy all this geek-chic stuff? Don’t they give it away somewhere?