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gaze open-mouthed

To stare intently at something or someone, often because one is awestruck or dumbfounded. I couldn't help but gaze open-mouthed at the beautiful sunrise.
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gaze at (one's) navel

To be excessively focused on one's personal problems or concerns. Good luck getting John's attention—he's too busy gazing at his navel to help anybody else.
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contemplate (one's) navel

To be excessively focused on one's personal problems or concerns. Primarily heard in UK. Good luck getting John's attention—he's too busy contemplating his navel to help anybody else.
See also: contemplate, navel

gaze around (at someone or something)

to look all around at someone or something. The manager gazed around at each of us, and finally spoke. Tourists gazed around at the scenery for a while and got back in the bus. We just stood there, gazing around.
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gaze at someone or something

to stare at someone or something. I stood for an hour, gazing at the sea. She gazed at me for a moment and then smiled.
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gaze on someone or something

to look at someone or something; to survey someone or something. She gazed sullenly on the ruin that had been her home. The teacher gazed on the student and frightened her.
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gaze out on something

to look out on something, such as a lovely view, from inside a building or from a particular spot. She gazed out on the flowering trees and knew that life would go on. Henry sat for hours, gazing out on the lake.
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rivet one's gaze on someone or something

 and rivet one's glare on someone or something
Fig. to fasten one's gaze onto someone or something. (As if it were attached by rivets.) He riveted his gaze on the surly young man. Walter riveted his hateful glare on the last page of the contract and sneered.
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steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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If you accuse someone of navel-gazing or navel-contemplation, you are criticizing them for thinking only about themselves and their own problems or activities, rather than the problems or activities of other people. Tory MP Martin Brison says he is more interested in developing policies for the future than in navel-gazing about the past. He called for an end to Labor's post-election navel-gazing. Note: Navel-gazing can be used before a noun. The film is a sort of navel-gazing look at Hollywood. Note: You can also say that someone gazes at their navel or contemplates their navel. The Institute has always been notorious for contemplating its own navel. Note: These expressions are used to show disapproval. Note: Your navel is your tummy button or belly button.

fix somebody with a ˈlook, ˈstare, ˈgaze, etc.

look directly at somebody for a long time: He fixed her with an angry stare.
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look/stare/gaze into ˈspace

look straight in front of you without looking at a particular thing, usually because you are thinking about something: I asked her twice if she was ready to leave but she just sat there staring into space.
See also: gaze, look, space, stare
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In "Drenched in Light," an autobiographical story which recalls Hurston's descriptions of her childhood days, Isis, "a visual minded child," "pictur[es] herself gazing over the edge of the world into the abyss" (942).
I think of this when gazing at all the images of the Sphinx painted by Golub over the years, a motif that seems to signal nothing else but a melancholic acknowledgment of the hybridity of his practice, in terms of both his support (unframed, gravity-stricken canvas that settles halfway between the frayed antiquity of tapestries and the slick modernity of the cinema screen) and his painterly technique (an affair of meat cleavers and solvents as well as brushes, leaving the surface prey as much to the relief effects of sculpture as to the depthless tracing of the photograph).
By focusing on the exterior, ethnographers inculcated in readers the practice of racial, colonizing, and consumerist gazing that had long been performed at slave auctions--the instantaneous specularization of black body parts that reduces whole people to anatomized images of mute primitiveness, salable powerlessness, and brute animality.
I used to go to my room and sit in my rocker all day long,'' gazing at a picture of Sally he kept above the television.
This pleasure is derived primarily by gazing at the image of a woman, scantily dressed or heavily made up.
In the star-gazing room, kids can stand in the dark and gaze up at stars of various sizes and varying brilliance painted on the walls and ceiling and feel that they're gazing into the sky on a clear night.
One of the most memorable paintings in this exhibition depicts a vaudeville strip show from the perspective of someone standing backstage right: you see the stripper from behind, and by gazing past her you can look at the audience as well.
They'll do it all by simply gazing at a control panel.
A more surprising finding was that a snail with eyes gazing sideways was selected somewhat less often by these children than were snails with either small or large black eyes that faced the viewer.
Did I see a glint of mocking laughter in a friend's eyes when I mentioned the new addition to my garden, a gazing globe?
Running from 9am till 5pm throughout the Royal Welsh Show, the exhibitions will showcase a range of fun activities and services for the whole family including astronomy, solar gazing and Dark Skies, face painting, badge making, daily competitions, gardening and allotments and even mountain biking indoors - giving a real focus on Brecknockshire's Green Heart of Wales.
I began pondering the difference between gazing and gawking.
In each image, she wears the same blue coat with a fur collar, but she appears in different locations around the circumference of the mountain, looking toward the camera with her back to it and gazing toward the horizon.
Hampl tries out being both the gazing woman in Matisse's Woman Before An Aquarium and the contents of that aquarium itself: "an odalisque .
I keep gazing at women's tops in public - it makes me really excited.