gaze at

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gaze at someone or something

to stare at someone or something. I stood for an hour, gazing at the sea. She gazed at me for a moment and then smiled.
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They found variations within two of the four polymorphisms (naturally occurring mutations) in CNR1 correlated with a longer gaze at happy faces but not with faces showing disgust.
It was at once disturbing and comforting to gaze at human difference, for the anxiety that attended these images ironically alleviated spectators' own.
And then there's the shadowed figure of the standing man at left, whose gaze at the oblique-angled painting of the saint with which we began counters the angle of our gaze.
282) wherein the representation of looks and looking is effectivity collapsed "with a generalized function of the eye," as in "its common formulaic presentation as 'men gaze at women'": as Craig Saper maintains, "It is too simple to ask what the gaze is, and it is too easy to point at it and say with certainty, 'that's it, that's the gaze
No gaze is, therefore, a gaze in isolation, and every gaze is as much a gaze at the self as it is a gaze at another/an other.
The extended moment of Lily's objectification gives Lawrence Selden time to leisurely gaze at Lily's pose, "time to feel the whole tragedy of her life" (Wharton 1964, 142).
In Williams, the pleasure of the gaze is masochistic pleasure, and whatever the gaze rests on always includes a gaze at the audience.
When I gaze at the Hummel figurine, I see not Mary sitting on a donkey but my mother sitting on a bare, wooden floor holding tightly not the baby Jesus but my baby sister.
Tobii Gaze At CES, Tobii will demonstrate some of the core concepts of Tobii Gaze (http://www.
After you descend into an amphitheater thick with ``hoodoos'' - as the multicolored rock formations have come to be called - your imagination is likely to take flight, much as it does when you gaze at elaborate white puffs of cumulus clouds.
In this single scene, Petry's novel replaces the dynamics of what Kaplan calls "subject-object" looking, with an interaction in which two black characters gaze at one another without any assertion of dominance.
The power of the gaze at several points seems actually to tip toward Allison.
Moreover, she's gazing into a gray blank that tells us nothing about why she's turned, or what she sees--until one learns that it's not a blank at all, or anyway not just a blank: it's one of her father's own gray abstractions, staring back at her with a gaze at least as enigmatic as her own.
Sam,'' she said, turning to stroke his hand and gaze at him like a schoolgirl.
Not only does this criticim thereby miss the operations of an extraordinary work of imaginative projection, but, blinding itself to anything outside the vertical register of the image/form, it repeats, at the level of analysis, the very fixity is describes as operating the Male Gaze at the level of its social effects.