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gaze open-mouthed

To stare intently at something or someone, often because one is awestruck or dumbfounded. I couldn't help but gaze open-mouthed at the beautiful sunrise.
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gaze around (at someone or something)

to look all around at someone or something. The manager gazed around at each of us, and finally spoke. Tourists gazed around at the scenery for a while and got back in the bus. We just stood there, gazing around.
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gaze at someone or something

to stare at someone or something. I stood for an hour, gazing at the sea. She gazed at me for a moment and then smiled.
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gaze on someone or something

to look at someone or something; to survey someone or something. She gazed sullenly on the ruin that had been her home. The teacher gazed on the student and frightened her.
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gaze out on something

to look out on something, such as a lovely view, from inside a building or from a particular spot. She gazed out on the flowering trees and knew that life would go on. Henry sat for hours, gazing out on the lake.
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rivet one's gaze on someone or something

 and rivet one's glare on someone or something
Fig. to fasten one's gaze onto someone or something. (As if it were attached by rivets.) He riveted his gaze on the surly young man. Walter riveted his hateful glare on the last page of the contract and sneered.
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steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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gaze at/contemplate your navel

to spend too much time thinking about yourself and your own problems
Usage notes: Your navel is the small round piece of skin in the middle of your stomach.
I read his novel, and thought the man's obviously spent far too long contemplating his own navel.
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When Beloved is first seen by Denver, Sethe, and Paul D, her head is tilted away from them and the viewer; she does not meet the character's or the camera's gaze.
SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is a world leader in eye tracking technology, developing and marketing eye & gaze tracking solutions for scientists and professionals, OEM and medical solutions for a wide range of applications.
John Paulin Hansen of the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, who is currently developing drones that follow a controller's gaze, thinks a system like this is an obvious candidate for operating a robot.
Had these children shown such preferences, that would have challenged only our understanding of their gaze aversion.
This week the company also completed the upgrade of its online shop for affordable gaze tracking solutions to further simplify the order and fulfillment processes for its international distributors and business customers.
The study focuses on song and dance sequences and their relationship with the narrative space as a means of understanding the mixing and negotiating of filmic codes in Johar's work, as well as interculturally investigating the role of the gaze in the negotiation of gender conceptions and relations.
It is this blend of Rama's wisdom and his life journey in teaching groups and individuals across the country that makes Rama: Gaze in My Direction so unique: part travelogue, part spiritual reader, and part biography, it's a celebration of his life and perspectives as much as it is an account of how American Buddhism spread across the nation.
Addressing the theme of disfigurement in texts like Hawthorne's famous 'The Birthmark' and Alice Munro's 'Face,' Wegenstein shows how disfigurement becomes the identity of the individual in a culture not only of the face but also of the gaze.
Chandler (2000) further describes The Gaze Framework:
When he was not flying, Sq Ldr Gaze raced sports cars around a track at RAF Westhampnett, West Sussex.
The study, which involved five sighted babies of blind mothers and 51 sighted babies of sighted parents, used eye tracking to assess the face scanning and gaze following abilities of the babies.
Finally, as a response to mainstream representation (Parts II and III), Part IV introduces the oppositional gaze from social/online media and populist media, that is, "media by, for, and about those demographics that public and private mainstream media tend to ignore or distort" (7).
At CeBIT, developers, manufacturers and the general public can visit Tobii's booth (E70, Hall 17) to experience Tobii REX and Tobii Gaze firsthand and catch a glimpse of the future of gaze-powered applications in a variety of products including consumer electronics, enterprise solutions and automotive.
Through the use of case studies paired with quantitative and qualitative background information, Fleras demonstrates that the media's bias can be analyzed as a gaze that frames what content viewers receive and how they interpret the messages that are being broadcast.
Haier's Gaze TV uses technology developed by Tobii, a Swedish firm which already offers eye-tracking technology for computers.