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This has produced an inadequate understanding of marked identity management, where gayness is seen as constant and unchanging.
Straight society seems able to tolerate a certain amount of gayness, but only in confined quarters.
Through Jack, the presentation of gayness has become no longer shocking, or at least somewhat less shocking.
Assimilationists like Muscarella would reduce the profound mystery and creative potential inherent in gayness to a mere sexual activity, so that "gay soul" is cleanly annihilated, dissipated into the fluid sea of unconscious conformity.
Beyond the small internal turf skirmishes for tourist attention (representing revenues as much as image), the ways in which race and sexuality are linked--and indeed the ways in which gayness is described in Midnight--constitutes more than a toned-down-for-general-readers version of gay life in Savannah.
Such approaches analogized gayness to skin color and viewed gayness as a property that is fundamentally irrelevant to people's lives.
It has declared that gayness itself is immoral, a psychological disorder that renders even celibate homosexuals moral lepers.
Emerson's mother, Belen, a fervent Catholic to whom the Virgin Mary regularly speaks, can't cope with Emerson's gayness or her ghastly feeling that the "wrong son" died.
The Gill-sponsored campaign about Norman, the dog that moos, is a clever research-based experiment to explore if public opinion truly moves when people believe that gayness is innate.
But his father, William, is quite honest in declaring that when he discovered Tony's gayness (on full and obvious view in home movies, where from an early age Kushner is the most ebullient of sissies) he would have been "ashamed to have had Tchaikovsky as a son.
And it claimed to tell "the truth all about his gayness.
But from this tautology Fellows makes the great leap to posit what he calls a "larger view of gay men," a "third-sex concept" that defines gayness primarily in terms of these traits.
My brother, who has been under pressure and threats from Sistani's followers about me, has threatened to harm me himself, or even kill me, if I show any signs of gayness.