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Aside from the gaydar feature, the app also supports profile browsing and private one-on-one chatting commonly found in other gay-oriented apps.
The service will be initially launched in the UK to Gaydar.
In the UK, the Gaydar brands account for more than 72 per cent of gay and lesbian traffic on the internet (source: Hitwise).
Having said that, I usually take great pride in the accuracy of my gaydar and, this series apart, have the utmost confidence in its workings.
Experience with the our first customer Gaydar has provided the Company with a substantive record of user behaviour and a unique knowledge of customer price, usage and uptake thresholds invaluable to new clients bringing mobility to their existing on-line communities.
It's unclear why some have better gaydar than others, since studies have only tested this aptitude in college students.
The "rent boy", who specialises in sadomasochism, says they made contact through website Gaydar, where he claims Dewani had a profile under the username Asiansubguy.
The Liverpool and England midfielder, below, topped the table in a poll conducted by Gaydar.
I n an inter v iew wi th Gaydar Radio, the TV host was asked how he would feel if one of his daughters brought a girl home.
Chief Inspector David Lyle, of Lothian and Borders Police, is competing in the Sex Factor 2008 contest, hosted by online dating and networking site Gaydar.
Coun Berman is also beaten by Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, 45, whose career has not recovered from the pictures of him in his Y-fronts that a national newspaper found on dating site Gaydar.
Through its partnerships with Rainbow Network / Gaydar and 118-453, two of the biggest players in the LGBT industry, PrideDirect.
Mr Gadd, landlord of The Yard (formerly The Courtyard) since 1981, feels that a sense of fun and "naughtiness" has been lost along the way ( not least because of the internet and a website called Gaydar.
MINNEAPOLIS, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Queens, fags, dykes, fairies, lesbians, rainbows, flames, gaydar, transvestites, leather and culture.
Dewani, 34, who claims to be bisexual, had also signed in to dating site Gaydar twice on November 12 2010 as the couple waited for an internal flight in South Africa - two weeks after their PS200,000 wedding in Mumbai.