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just gay enough

potentially offensive Of a man, possessing a number of stereotypically homosexual qualities seen as attractive by women, while still being unambiguously heterosexual. I still want a man to be manly, but just gay enough that he can have a conversation about his emotions.
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with gay abandon

With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal. Ever since my brother got that car for his birthday, he's been motoring around at night with gay abandon. The insurgents set upon the town and began firing their weapons with gay abandon.
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(as) gay as pink ink

Overtly or flamboyantly homosexual. Offensive when used pejoratively. I can't believe Sarah asked him out on a date—how can she not see that he's clearly as gay as pink ink?
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with gay aˈbandon

(old-fashioned) without thinking about the results or effects of a particular action: Although she was nervous at first, she was soon singing and dancing with gay abandon.
Gay here means ‘happy and without cares’.
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(as) gay as pink ink

mod. having to do with an obviously homosexual person, usually a male. These two guys—as gay as pink ink—came in together.
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gay as pink ink

See also: gay, ink, pink
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Gays and lesbians are spending more and more time in hotel rooms--15 nights on average, according to the Gay.
Beijing has a new homegrown gay tour company, Go Pink China, set to capitalize on the surge of gay travelers that visit during the next two years.
While Robinson's book is highly recommended reading for those interested in the development of the gay movement, my only criticism of it is his conclusion.
Some lawmakers and judges in other states do indeed share a horror of gay parenthood.
State legislatures are now pushing to erect a variety of legal barriers to gay couples seeking to raise kids.
My fear is, in this very extreme time for gays, that TV is too medium.
In the past several years, the emergence of an identifiable lesbian and gay culture in most medium-to-large metropolitan areas in the United States has dispelled the long-held negative stereotypes of gay men as effeminate and lesbian women as overly masculine (Barret & Logan, 2001; Pope, 1995c; Pope & Barret, 2002).
In fact, writing about gay marriage brings to mind the book, All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave.
According to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), estimates of the total number of children with at least one gay or lesbian parent range from six million to fourteen million.
In the 2001 exchange, Kurtz says, Sullivan assumed that only gay couples prepared to be governed by monogamy would marry.
Yet one's personal life often spills over into their professional life and while heterosexual employees enjoy the privilege of sharing personal events in their lives via conversations, parties or photographs, gay and lesbian individuals are often not afforded that same privilege.