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gawk at (someone or something)

To stare at someone or something in surprise or stupefaction. We gawked at the firemen as they rushed into the burning building. I could only gawk at Mary when she told me she was pregnant.
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gawk at someone or something

to stare at someone or something, obviously and awkwardly. Why are you standing there, gawking at me? The tourists stood at the foot of the mountain and gawked at the top.
See also: gawk
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27 April 2015 - US-based voice broadcasting program developer Gawk Inc.
True Hollywood Story age, all of us looking for any excuse to share the rumors and innuendo we've heard as we breathlessly gawk at the red carpet royalty.
Culled from fourteen hours of footage taken surreptitiously via telephoto lens at JFK, Approach has the virtue of frontal simplicity, allowing viewers to gawk their fill and wonder at the familiar strangeness of the arrivals bouncing dreamily into view.
I say to myself, "This is my kind of store," as I gawk at its pyrites, its calcites, and its bounty of baubulous delights.