give (one) (one's) marching orders

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give (one) (one's) marching orders

To dismiss one from employment; to order one to leave or move on from a place. An allusion to a military command of deployment. After messing up that account, I'm terrified that my boss is going to give me my marching orders. Bill had been living in his parents' house for nearly a year without working when they finally gave him his marching orders out of there.
See also: give, marche, order

give someone their marching orders

COMMON If you give someone their marching orders, you tell them to leave. Last week the political correspondent was given his marching orders. What does it take for a woman to say `that's enough' and give her man his marching orders? He was given his marching orders after attacking the opposition goalkeeper twice. He has now been banned from playing for two weeks. Note: You can also say that someone gets their marching orders. Her teacher told the head: `Either she goes or I go.' So Mary got her marching orders. Note: The usual American expression is give someone their walking papers.
See also: give, marche, order, someone

give somebody their ˈmarching orders

(British English, informal) tell somebody to leave a job, a relationship, etc: When she found out he was seeing another woman, she gave him his marching orders.
See also: give, marche, order, somebody
References in periodicals archive ?
Elisabeth's parents say she was fine and they continued their holiday - until a security guard gave them their marching orders.
Bosses gave them their marching orders during a sixmonth period last year.
Landlady Sam Smith, invited Slubbing Billys to dance in her pub after a Sam Smith's pub in Durham gave them their marching orders.
Managers gave them their marching orders minutes before they were due to play after realising the gaffe.
The Taoiseach gave them their marching orders the night before his ill-judged stroke.
STUNNED drinkers at a Coventry pub had their festive celebrations cut short when the manager suddenly gave them their marching orders.
Around 20 band members - with Red Hand of Ulster badges on their uniforms - arrived before panicking managers realised their error and hurriedly gave them their marching orders.