give (one) the all-clear

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give (one) the all-clear

To signal or indicate to one that something has been resolved or that it is safe to proceed. After the police officer gave us the all-clear, we were able to continue down the road. Yeah, I had the flu, but I'll be back at work tomorrow—the doctor just gave me the all-clear.
See also: give

give (or get) the all-clear

indicate (or get a sign) that a dangerous situation is now safe.
In wartime a signal or siren is often sounded to indicate that a bombing raid is over.
See also: give

give somebody/get the all-ˈclear

give somebody/get a sign that a particular situation is no longer dangerous: She got the all-clear from the doctor and was sent home from the hospital.This idiom refers to the signal that is sounded in wartime when a bombing raid is over.
See also: get, give, somebody
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BRAVE Anastacia Newkirk is back in rehearsals for Strictly Come Dancing after doctors gave her the all-clear following her injury crisis.
Doctors gave her the all-clear to fly to Melbourne, Australia, just in time.
But a consultant gave her the all-clear to compete in the live ITV show.
She was a i r l i f ted to hospital with head injuries, but was released yesterday af ter scans gave her the all-clear.
Caster Semenya has spoken of her delight at being able to return to the track after the International Association of Athletics Federations gave her the all-clear to resume her career.
Having now had the chance to see the tape of the race I am astonished that the stewards gave her the all-clear.
Mum Lorraine said: "The doctors gave her the all-clear last July so we're keeping our fingers crossed.
Doctors gave her the all-clear but a friend who had suffered from breast cancer suggested a second opinion.
She was rushed to hospital and feared she would have to drop out, but doctors gave her the all-clear to dance with partner Anton Du Beke, 43.
She tried to sue the NHS after medics gave her the all-clear, when she was still suffering from the illness.
Paramedics gave her the all-clear after 45 minutes of treatment.
Doctors gave her the all-clear and say she could expect to live for at least another 10 to 15 years.
A GRIEVING mum told yesterday how a blood clot killed her 28-year-old daughter - just weeks after doctors gave her the all-clear.
KYLIE Minogue has told how doctors initially missed her breast cancer - and gave her the all-clear.
The eldest of the singing Nolan Sisters said yesterday that doctors gave her the all-clear from the disease last week.