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a closed mouth gathers no feet

If you say nothing at all, then you can't say anything embarrassing or inappropriate. A play on the idiom "put (one's) foot in (one's) mouth" (to say something stupid). A: "Oh my god, I can't believe I said that. Why are you being so quiet?" B: "Because a closed mouth gathers no feet! Knowing that I would inevitably say something ridiculous, I kept my mouth shut—a closed mouth gathers no feet, after all.
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be gathered to (one's) fathers

euphemism To die. It's such a shame that Tom has been gathered to his fathers. When is his funeral?
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build a case (against someone)

 and gather a case (against someone)
to put together the evidence needed to make a legal or disciplinary case against someone. The police easily built a case against the drunken driver. As soon as we gather the case against her, we can obtain a warrant to arrest her.
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gather a case

(against someone) Go to build a case (against someone).
See also: case, gather

gather around someone or something

to collect around someone or something. Let's all gather around her and hear her out. Please gather around the table for dinner.
See also: around, gather

gather dust

Fig. [for something] to sit unused for a long time. Most of my talent is just gathering dust because I don't really have an opportunity to perform.
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gather someone into something

 and gather someone in
to assemble or bring people into something or some place. The hostess gathered the children into the house just as the storm hit. She gathered in the children. Harry gathered them in before the storm.
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gather someone or something around (oneself)

to collect people or things around oneself; to draw someone or something to oneself. He gathered a lot of arty people around himself. She liked to gather exotic plants around herself. Grandpa gathered all the kids around and read them a story.
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gather someone or something to oneself

to draw someone or something to oneself. The hen gathered her chicks to herself. Harry gathered the poker chips to himself.
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gather someone or something together

to assemble people or things together in one place. Gather every one together in the drawing room for a meeting. Please gather together all the suspects so that they can be questioned again. Would you gather all your papers together and put them away?
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gather something from someone

to collect something from someone. I will gather the papers from Wally, and you go get those that Ted is working on. Would you gather the pictures from everyone? We have to leave now and take them with us.
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gather something from someone or something

to learn something from someone or something; to infer something from someone or someone's remarks. (The something is often a clause shifted to another position in the sentence.) I gather from your brother that you do not approve of her. We gathered that from your remarks.
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gather something from something

to collect something from something. Kristine gathered the honey from the beehives. I gathered my money from the cashier.
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gather something

1. Lit. to collect something and bring it in; to harvest something. We gathered the pumpkins in just before Halloween. We gathered in the pumpkins just in time.
2. . Fig. to fold or bunch cloth together when sewing or fitting clothing. Try gathering it in on each side to make it seem smaller. I will have to gather in this skirt.

gather something up

to collect something; to pick something up. Let's gather our things up and go. Please gather up your things.
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gather together

to assemble together. We will gather together on the main deck for a meeting. Let's all gather together this evening and sing.
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Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Prov. Enjoy yourself while you can, before you lose the opportunity or before you become too old. (From Robert Herrick's poem, "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time.") Sue: Should I go out on a date with Robbie on Saturday, or should I stay home and study? Ellen: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. You ought to travel abroad now, while you're young, before you have responsibilities that might keep you from going. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.
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rolling stone gathers no moss

Prov. A person who does not settle down is not attached to anything or anyone. (Can be said in admiration or in censure, depending on whether or not the speaker feels it is good to be attached to something or someone.) I worry about Tom. He's never lived in the same place for two years in a row, and he keeps changing jobs. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
See also: gather, moss, roll, stone

gather dust

to be forgotten or not used Hugh's tennis racket has just been gathering dust since he hurt his back.
See also: dust, gather

gather your wits

to make an effort to be calm and think I was really scared, but I knew I had to gather my wits and try to figure out what to do.
See also: gather, wit

gather dust

to not be used for a long time (often in continuous tenses) If these books are going to sit around gathering dust in the garage you might as well give them to Frank.
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gather your wits

to make an effort to become calm and think more clearly Sitting down in one of the chairs I attempted to gather my wits and decide what I should do.
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rolling stone

A person who moves about a great deal and never settles down, as in Kate's lived in ten cities in as many years-she's a real rolling stone. This expression is a shortening of the proverb a rolling stone gathers no moss, first recorded in 1523, which indicates that one who never settles anywhere will not do well. After some 300 years of this interpretation, in the mid-1800s the value of gathering moss (and staying put) began to be questioned, and in current usage the term is most often used without any particular value judgment.
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gather around

or gather round
1. To come to some place and form a group; assemble at: The cowboys gathered round the campfire.
2. To cause some people or things to come to a place; bring some people or things together around a place: We gathered the tour group around the exhibit and began our talk.
See also: around, gather

gather up

1. To bring together or collect something that is distributed or scattered: I gathered up my dress and stepped over the puddle. I gathered the papers up and put them in my briefcase.
2. To come together or be more concentrated in one place: The cloth gathers up at the hem of this dress.
See also: gather, up
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