gather around

gather someone or something around (oneself)

to collect people or things around oneself; to draw someone or something to oneself. He gathered a lot of arty people around himself. She liked to gather exotic plants around herself. Grandpa gathered all the kids around and read them a story.
See also: around, gather

gather around someone or something

to collect around someone or something. Let's all gather around her and hear her out. Please gather around the table for dinner.
See also: around, gather

gather around

or gather round
1. To come to some place and form a group; assemble at: The cowboys gathered round the campfire.
2. To cause some people or things to come to a place; bring some people or things together around a place: We gathered the tour group around the exhibit and began our talk.
See also: around, gather
References in periodicals archive ?
People gather around a fire during morning in Dhaka yesterday.
The 50-year-old woman banged on the bonnet of the vehicle in anger, which prompted passers-by to gather around in front of the police station.
People who gather around accident scenes delay the work of policemen and add to their stress, said Lt.
Many years later, housemother Mrs Mac encourages her girls to gather around the tree to exchange Christmas presents.
Instead, they gather around IKEA tables, muttering about implied odds and "the nuts" - a card-junkie expression I don't quite know the meaning of, though I'm told it's not dirty.
If you stand still in the water, they gather around and follow along as you swim, looking for handouts.
The lines and areas of color blur and dissolve into pale washes, and the image seems to gather around the central void.
Following a patriotic service in the chapel, residents gather around the Sentinel to enjoy summer breezes and eat the cold, sweet slices.
They will gather around the War Memorial in Riversley Park, Nun-eaton, after marching from the town hall and along Coton Road.
Sediments will gather around the roots, securing the marsh.
Aside from the pleasure of bringing pain to others, they would then gather around the disoriented victims and grab whatever they could out of, their bags and pockets.
Wehrheim reaches out his hand to greet the cubs, and soon they gather around him.
Today we gather around the flickering screen to read them.
Gather around Mary Pipher's "campfire" at the 1999 ACA National Conference in Chicago.
Myrtle summons the spirits; when it blooms, ghosts like to gather around it.