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Speaking of gate-crashers, we know practically every one of the so-called professionals, who actually are attention-seekers and generally harmless.
A lot of money has been pumped into Jay's club, with state of the art 165in video screens, and they weren't about to take any risks with gate-crashers.
And as Martin O'Neill's men walked off the pitch like a bunch of found-out gate-crashers leaving the party, the Villa manager was left to mull over a range of issues which need to be ironed out before his team could seriously be considered as contenders to gate-crash the biggest party of them all - The Premier League top four.
One in seven teenagers who had held a party complained about gate-crashers, according to the survey of 1,100 parents and children aged between 14 and 22, carried out by Zurich Insurance.
Organizers also promise better security than at the first two Woodstocks, which were overrun by gate-crashers.
They are in such fun-loving mood they hardly noticed the presence of the most persistent gate-crashers in football.
A judge at the High Court in London ruled that Mr Raphael's defence to the action - that the entry was created by mischievous party gate-crashers at his flat - was "built on lies".
CHRIS KIRLAND'S Liverpool debut was ruined last night when the holders suffered a shock extra-time exit against Lennie Lawrence's Division One gate-crashers.
Security at Studio Center is expected to be ready for gate-crashers.
Teenage gate-crashers ran wild inside and in the garden, smashing a TV and a patio door, wrecking a shed and trampling mud all over carpets.
The battlements are there partly to keep out gate-crashers, and partly to block out extensive views of Cannock.
Last year's show was met with widespread resentment, some crowd and traffic-control problems, including groups of angry gate-crashers.
A source tells us: "As soon as Usher arrived a crowd of girl gate-crashers made straight for him.
Angry residents now fear drink and drug-fuelled gate-crashers will go on the rampage in the sleepy village of Bothwell, Lanarkshire.