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at the last gasp

At the last possible moment or opportunity. I know they've been squabbling for weeks, but I think they'll reach an agreement at the last gasp. We all thought that Molly wouldn't make it to the meeting, but she arrived at the last gasp.
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at the last gasp

Fig. at the very last; at the last chance; at the last minute. (Refers to someone's last breath before death.) She finally showed up at the last gasp, bringing the papers that were needed. We got there at the last gasp, just before our names were called.
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gasp at someone or something

to inhale sharply in surprise or shock at someone or something. I gasped at the sight that lay before me. I saw how weary Denise looked and I gasped at her.
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gasp for air

to fight for a breath of air. (After one has been deprived of air.) Walter popped to the surface of the water and gasped for air. The injured dog appeared to be gasping for air.
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gasp for breath

to labor for one's breath. (Usually because of physical exertion.) She ran and ran until she was gasping for breath. The diver finally came to the surface, gasping for breath.
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gasp something out

to utter something, gasping. She gasped the words out haltingly. Dan was just able to gasp out the instructions before he passed out.
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the last gasp of something

the end of a particular period or process This period witnessed the decline and last gasp of the British Empire.
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achieved at the last possible moment (always before noun) And with only a minute left, Brinkworth scored a last-gasp equaliser bringing the score to 2-2.

last gasp

The moment before death; also, the end. For example, "Fight till the last gasp" (Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI, 1:2), or He was determined to stay at the party until the last gasp. This idiom alludes to taking one's last breath, literally (first example) or figuratively (second example). [Late 1500s]
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When an individual breathes abnormally or gasps after collapsing from sudden cardiac arrest, there is a greater chance of surviving, the researchers report.
She admonishes him and then demonstrates to Hermia (Kaori Ogasawara) the proper way to gasp at his infidelity.
He studies sighs and gasps, in addition to the typical, resting breathing pattern that scientists call eupnea.
About 2 years ago, he and his colleagues reported that sighs and gasps can be discerned within the respiratory rhythm recorded with electrodes from rodent brainstem tissue.
Carrie got the loudest gasps in stunning Vivienne Westwood wedding gown
The jaw-dropping array of wedding dresses which Carrie wears in a shoot for Vogue triggered collective gasps from fans.
But the actual last gasps came later, from a stunned Coliseum crowd and Taft sideline.
They went right back to stuffing the Dons and forced the missed field goal, which appeared to be Dorsey's last gasp.
DOING HIS BIT: Charles tastes snack; WOW: He pulls a face in surprise; MUNCH TOO HOT: The prince gasps in shock as he swallows the fiery morsel; Pictures: ROBIN NUNN
However, the gasps were soon drowned out by applause and Raffaella knew she was on to a winner.
Up pops Paddy's question and there are gasps from the audience.
More gasps from the shocked audience and Chris says: "Come on, Paddy, you must know the answer.
I was saying this to everybody but a doctor told me she was dead and these were her last gasps.
Remarkably, she then took a second gasp and was taken to intensive care.
an Austin-based golf technology company, announced today that GASP Systems, the leading video system provider in Europe, will become the exclusive distributor of SmartSwing's intelligent golf clubs in the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.